A Short History of the Decade

1999: Quit my job a few weeks before New Year’s Eve, new millenium here I come!

2000: Wandered around Texas, Florida, and Washington to experience the different cultures spread across the nation, discovered McDonalds looks the same everywhere.

2001: Terrorists attack! Shields up! Took shelter in rural northern Louisiana until everything blew over.

2002: Explored the Ozarks of central Arkansas

2003: Lived with girlfriend, fell in love with her cat, tried to make a movie, failed at being a boyfriend and movie director, surprisingly good cat owner.

2004: Cocaine is  a hell of a drug.

2005: Moved to Seattle, discovered Seattle’s unexpected population of ugly people.

2006: Technically engaged to get married (not to an ugly local), officially did not get married,  job and apartment awfulness nearly drove me to madness

2007: Alcoholism

2008: see 2007, also Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa is released in theaters.

2009: Family is plagued by deaths and injuries, meanwhile economy slowly pushed me closer to unemployment/homelessness, began blogging again, new decade here I come!


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